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It's Your Time

to Shine.

Introducing Trial Tech University, the only comprehensive training program for trial technology and legal professionals.

Unlock your potential in the hot seat.

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Join TTU and get a free 90-day OnCue License and access to bonus content, including the OnCue Daily Learning Series that streamed live in early 2020.

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Learn more about the trial

presentation software OnCue

What is TTU?

TTU is a web-based video learning platform that distills decades of experience into dozens of hours of video lessons and bonus content. Comprehensive video lessons guide TTU members through the full spectrum of a trial technology consultant’s role in the trial technology and litigation support industry.

A Fresh Start

Interested in a new career as a trial technology consultant or hot seater but have little or no background knowledge of the legal profession?

Navigating the legal landscape

can be daunting.


Our lessons go beyond core competencies with topics such as courtroom decorum and etiquette, how to dress, legal vocabulary, and all the details on-the-job training doesn't account for.

Legal Professionals

Lawyers and paralegals are often in situations where they are responsible for how evidence is displayed during trial, on top of their already long list of duties.


For many, this will be their

first time in the hot seat.

In addition to learning what is needed for professional trial presentation, our lessons help you assess when it is appropriate to present yourself and when to involve a trial technology consultant. 

Established Trial Techs

In the already fast-paced world of information technology, the global pandemic has greatly disrupted the role of trial technology professionals.


Many trials, arbitrations, and depositions are now partially or completely virtual, adding new layers of complexity to an already highly stressful environment.


There has never been a better time for established trial technology professionals to invest in their skill set and not rely on old solutions to new challenges.

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The Downsides

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What is TTU

From File to Trial

Our engaging video lessons cover every aspect of trial presentation and litigation support and we certainly don't expect it all to stick overnight. That's why we have added detailed chapter points for each notable topic in every lesson.

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Forgot how to use a piece of software you learned, but haven't used in a while?


Quickly jump to that specific section and get up to speed in minutes.

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