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Alan K
Mar 11, 2022
In Video Discussion
Robb - Just wondering? Does OnCue 4 have an option to START VIDEO PAUSED IN LIVE? I like to bring up the video paused in court so the judge & jury see the screen, know what's coming & the attorney can introduce the witness while it's paused. Then hit play when ready. Other OnCuers told me they bring the video up on MUTE, then pause it & go back to the start... they just have to remember to unmute before hitting play. It would seem a lot easier just to have an option to bring the video up in LIVE paused. Thanks for the daily learning series... it's helped shorten the learning curve tremendously. After using TD for 22 years, OnCue video editing is a breath of fresh air & I can't wait to see what OnCue 4 has in store! Alan