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Apr 17, 2023
In General Discussions
Not strictly a trial tech question, but I assume alot of folks like us do both trial tech and legal videography work, so I'm putting this out there 'cause I've had no luck anywhere else. Assume a live video deposition. You have all your mics input into your mixer/recorder, and the main outs from the mixer/recorder to your camera. Witness is in the room with you. Deposing attorney joining by Zoom. To accommodate the remote questioner, you have HDMI out from camera to HDMI capture into your laptop. Zoom client on laptop using the HDMI input as both video and mic source. Zoom audio out through laptop or connected speakers. HDMI out from laptop so witness can see questioning atty on conference room screen. The problem is the audio lag/feedback loop caused by the questioning attorney's audio broadcast into the room and then feeding back into the mics. The delay is so big that the audio cancellation on the zoom client isn't robust enough to handle it, and there's really to way to isolate the mics in the environments we face. Only thing I can think of is to give everybody headphones, but they are NOT gonna like that. Anybody figured out how to do this?
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