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Jul 27, 2021
In General Discussions
Does anyone know about InData being bought out by IPro? I have a client who was given DVT files and the reporter who did the job doesn't know how to give me an XML file to import. I've called IPro Tech and was on hold for 30 minutes so I just hung up. I don't want to have to sync this and charge the client twice if I don't have to. If anyone has an in with the new company I would appreciate it. Thanks, Greg Glover
Jan 18, 2021
In Trial Questions
Good Morning all and happy Martin Luther Day! I have a client that is looking to me to set up a virtual trial studio in his office for an upcoming trial for Fed court in February. Does anyone have any equipment advice for webcams, monitors, switchers, mics, etc, or if you are doing this already, are willing to give me the equipment list of your kit? I am open to any and all advice. If it is easier to call me let me know. I am happy to talk. This could be an extension of my business as most of the courts in this part of the nation are really looking at virtual trials, especially bench trials. Thanks!! Greg Glover